At U.N.Multitech, great people, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement help drive our overall success. Our employees represent a diverse range of personal backgrounds and professional skill sets, which helps us consistently deliver world-class quality and service to our customers. As a leader in flat-rolled steel manufacturing, we employ men and women who are driven to succeed, passionate about their work, dedicated to being part of a team, results oriented and relentless in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

U.N.Multitech career opportunities across a number of areas, including, among others:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Quality Systems
  • Human Resources
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Sales
  • Government and Public Relations
  • Procurement
  • Law and Environmental Affairs
  • Research

Co-op and Internship Program

U.N.Multitech also offers paid co-op and internship programs that provide real world experience to students across a variety of academic disciplines. Interns typically work during the summer months, while co-ops follow a rotating schedule throughout the year. If you are interested in a co-op or intern position, contact the co-op and internship coordinator at your college or university, or call the local Manager, Human Resources at an U.N.Multitech facility near you.